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Student Handbook

This document outlines the best practices and guidelines for students at Pupilfirst School. Please read and understand the following to benefit from an enriching learning experience.

Do Not Copy Others' Work

Pupilfirst School's courses often use assignments as a learning tool, challenging you to grasp complex concepts through practical, real-world-like exercises. It's tempting to bypass these challenges by using other students' work.

Plagiarism is the act of using or copying someone else's work and presenting it as your own. At Pupilfirst, we emphasize the importance of submitting original work and enforce a strict, multi-layer review mechanism, including AI-based plagiarism detection, applicable across all courses (methods and tools may vary).

Examples of Actions Considered Plagiarism:

  • Submitting someone else's work as your own.
  • Altering another person's work and attempting to submit it as original.
  • Collaborating on individual assignments and submitting identical or near-identical work.
  • Using solutions from the web for your submissions.

Submissions flagged by our AI-enabled plagiarism detection tool undergo further review by coaches, teaching assistants, or school administrators to confirm plagiarism.

Consequences of Confirmed Plagiarism

If plagiarism is confirmed, the submission will be rejected, requiring resubmission for course progression. The incident will be recorded in the student's standing log (explained below) at Pupilfirst School. Students with a Disreputed standing will not receive a course completion certificate.

Note: If you believe your flagged submission is original, you may challenge the decision by completing a grievance form. The Grievance Redressal Team will review your case within 24–48 hours.

Follow Milestone Target Instructions

All assignments include detailed instructions from industry-expert coaches. Follow these instructions closely, clarify doubts, and ensure your work is original before submission.

Adhere to the Course Calendar and Maintain Consistency

Regular learning and adherence to the course calendar are crucial. Pupilfirst courses have clear deadlines. Failure to meet these deadlines results in ineligibility for a course completion certificate.

We advise against last-minute progress and simultaneous submission of multiple assignments, which can lead to review delays and missed deadlines. Regular weekly progress is recommended.

Community Engagement on Pupilfirst School Discord Server

Clarify Doubts and Questions

If you encounter difficulties with course material or assignments, don't hesitate to ask questions in the Pupilfirst School Discord community. Industry experts and teaching assistants are available to assist.

Participate in Peer Learning

Pupilfirst advocates a student-centered approach that promotes peer learning. Engage in knowledge sharing and assist others with course concepts. However, sharing your solutions or work with others is prohibited to maintain learning integrity.

Community Rules and Standards

To foster a positive and productive community experience, please:

  • Communicate Respectfully: Treat members courteously. Avoid offensive language and discriminatory remarks.
  • Offer Constructive Criticism: Focus feedback on coursework and ideas, not individuals.
  • Collaborate: Share insights and engage in discussions for collective learning.
  • Maintain a Plagiarism-Free Zone: Stay true to your learning journey.
  • Embrace Inclusivity and Diversity: Value different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Assist Others: Positively contribute, especially to those new to the field.
  • Adhere to Platform Guidelines: Respect guidelines of platforms like GitHub and GitLab.

Important Note: Failure to meet academic or behavioral standards as per the Pupilfirst School's Code of Conduct affects your standing within the school.

Understanding Student Standing

Student standing at Pupilfirst School is based on adherence to the Code of Conduct. Each student starts with a neutral standing, which changes based on academic and behavioral performance.

Violations lead to negative standing, while positive engagement and performance can elevate standing.

Illustration of possible standings at Pupilfirst School

Students with a Disreputed standing are ineligible for course completion certificates and will not receive placement or internship support.

Note: Standing information is included in final reports to institutes/universities for credit decisions.

How Standing Works

Students begin with a Neutral standing. The first two instances of plagiarism or academic violations result in a Warned standing. Further violations downgrade to Disreputed. Continued violations may lead to course access revocation.

Challenges to plagiarism decisions are reviewed by the Pupilfirst team. If a re-evaluation clears the student, their standing is restored; otherwise, it may further impact their standing. Challenge judiciously.

Behavioral standard violations follow a similar progression.

Standing log entries include event descriptions and reasons for changes. Students receive email notifications for each entry.

Note: Standing applies across all courses.

Improving Your Standing

Improve your standing by performing well, actively engaging with the community, assisting others, and fostering a positive learning

environment. Standing improvements are made at the Pupilfirst team's discretion.

Viewing Your Standing

Your standing is visible on the Pupilfirst LMS Dashboard.

Important Note: Fellowship track students have different standing rules, communicated before cohort start.


For queries, reach out on the Pupilfirst School Discord server or email support@pupilfirst.org.


This document was last updated on January 10, 2024.